Dog Bites and Attacks on Business Premises

When many people think of dog bites, they imagine them happening in homes or neighborhoods. Most do not anticipate the risk of a dog attack while in a store or business. Dangerous dogs, however, can bite victims anywhere – including on a business premises. In these scenarios, the owner of the business could be a potential defendant in your dog bite case. If you are the victim of a dog bite on a business premises in Phoenix, please contact us at Torgenson Law for a free consultation. Our dog bite injuries lawyers may be able to help you fight for compensation.

How We Can Help

  • We know how to go up against major corporations and companies in Arizona on behalf of dog bite survivors, even if that means taking them to court.
  • We are passionate about aiding animal attack victims. Our lead attorney, John Torgenson, went into personal injury law out of his compassion for the injured.
  • We welcome all clients to come to us for help after a serious dog attack, regardless of their financial situation. Our Phoenix dog bite lawyers accept cases on a contingency fee basis.

Arizona’s Strict Dog Bite Statute

After a dog bite in Arizona, you will most likely be able to hold the pet’s owner financially responsible for your losses. This may include past and future medical bills, property repairs, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and lost wages. Arizona’s strict liability dog bite statute makes it possible to hold a pet owner liable for damages even without proof of negligence. If your attack occurred on a business premises, however, you may have the ability to hold more than just the pet owner responsible. The business may also be liable.

Liability for Dog Bites On Business Premises

Businesses in Arizona have a legal responsibility to ensure safe environments for customers. Customers are invitees under the state’s premises liability laws – the class of visitor that requires the greatest duty of care. Business owners have to check for hidden hazards, repair issues they discover and warn of known risks before welcoming visitors. One of the hazards a business owner must lawfully control are dangerous dogs.

Some businesses allow their employees or customers to bring dogs inside. If the business knowingly allows this practice, it could end up liable for damages if a dog attacks someone on the premises. Business owners expose themselves to liability by allowing people to bring dogs into their stores. If the customer or employee was following the business’s rules for bringing dogs, and an attack still occurs, the business could be liable. The business might not be liable, however, if the pet owner was breaking the rules at the time.

A legitimate claim against the business may exist if the owner reasonably should have done more to prevent a dog bite. If a prudent property owner would have not allowed dogs, had rules for bringing dogs inside (such as making them stay in carts) or taken other steps to prevent an attack, the owner in question may be liable for damages after an attack. If the incident was not the business’s fault, however, the pet owner may be liable instead.

Contact a Dog Bite Lawyer in Phoenix

At Torgenson Law, we understand dog bite cases. We know how to navigate Arizona’s dog bite laws to the benefit of our clients, whether they involve the liability of individual pet owners, landlords or businesses. Our attorneys can help you seek fair and full damages for the losses you suffered in an attack at a business in Phoenix. You may be eligible for considerable compensation from the business owner and/or another defendant. We can help. Our Phoenix dog bite lawyers can review your case, assess your damages and let you know how to proceed with a claim, if applicable. Talk to a lawyer today for free when you schedule an initial consultation. Call (602) 726-0747 or contact us online.

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