Dealing with Insurance after Dog Attacks

A dog attack in Phoenix can be life-changing. From catastrophic personal injuries to significant emotional distress, you could be dealing with the repercussions of an attack for months or years. Before you can move forward, one of the challenges you have to face is negotiating with the company during a dog bite insurance claim for fair compensation from the pet’s owner. Be careful when dealing with insurance after a dog bite, as the company may not have your best interests in mind. Contact a dog bite attorney in Arizona from Torgenson Law for a free legal consultation about how we can help.

Why Choose Our Law Firm?

  • We have spent years aggressively going up against major insurance corporations on behalf of injured plaintiffs.
  • We do not stop until we believe we have obtained fair and full results for our clients. Our lawyers can take your case to court in Phoenix if necessary.
  • We do not charge anything upfront for dog bite injury representation. You only pay attorney’s fees if and when we obtain you a compensatory award.

Why You Need a Dog Bite Lawyer

Insurance companies have different priorities than personal injury attorneys. Insurers want to save themselves money by minimizing claimants’ payouts, while attorneys want what is best for claimants. When you hire a lawyer, you can rest assured in him or her serving your needs. A lawyer can negotiate a better settlement award from an insurance company than you likely could alone. A lawyer will understand negotiation tactics and how insurance companies operate. While you spend time healing and getting treatments, your lawyer will handle the settlement demand process on your behalf.

Who Is Liable for Your Dog Bite?

The insurance company to receive your claim will be the insurer of the pet owner, in most cases. Arizona’s strict liability dog bite statute holds pet owners automatically liable for bites their dogs cause, with or without proof of dog owner negligence. If the pet owner has homeowner’s insurance, they will generally offer payment for dog bite injuries since dogs are property under the law. Some owners have separate pet insurance in case their dogs cause injuries or property damages. If the pet owner is uninsured, you may be able to hold him or her individually liable instead.

Dealing With Insurances When Filing A Dog Attack Insurance Claim

After surviving a dog attack, try to stay calm and assess the situation. Call 911 if you suffered severe injuries and require emergency medical assistance. Gather information or have a friend do so for you, if possible. This includes the name and contact information of the pet owner, the location of the attack and photographs of relevant details, including your injuries. Get to the hospital for medical care and keep track of your bills and documents. Then, call the pet owner’s insurance provider.

The homeowners insurance company will assign a claims adjuster to your dog bite injury case when you file your initial claim. The adjuster will investigate the attack, examine your claim to damages and ask you questions about the incident. Then, the adjuster may accept your claim and offer a settlement or deny the claim. If you receive a denial, the adjuster must also include the reason. At this time, you may be able to negotiate a better settlement from the insurer with help from an attorney.

Contact a Dog Attack Insurance Claim Lawyer Today

Hire a lawyer from the very beginning to represent your dog bite claim in Phoenix. A lawyer from Torgenson Law can draw up a strong claim that demands fair and full compensation for the extent of your losses, including pain and suffering and punitive damages, if applicable. Then, your lawyer can negotiate a settlement for you while you focus on healing. Your attorney will make sure the pet owner’s insurer does not take advantage of you. Finally, a lawyer will have the power to go up against the insurance corporation in court if a trial is necessary to receive full compensation. Please contact Torgenson Law today. Contact us online or call (602) 726-0747 for a free consultation.

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