Mauled in Public Park, River, or Lake

Many dog attacks happen in public places, such as a neighborhood street or a public park. Arizona has laws requiring the proper control and containment of dogs in public places. Unfortunately, pet owners who break leash laws contribute to severe animal attacks. If a dog mauled you or a loved one at a public park, river or lake in Arizona, contact a Phoenix dog attack attorney from Torgenson Law for help. The pet owner may owe you significant compensation for your related losses, including medical bills and personal losses.

Why Choose Our Arizona Dog Bite Lawyers?

  • We can fight against pet owners for full and fair compensation for all bite-related losses, including pain and suffering and dog bite punitive damages.
  • We have proven our abilities in and out of courtrooms in Arizona by obtaining high-dollar awards for past personal injury clients.
  • We accept dog attack clients on a contingency fee basis, meaning we do not charge a fee for legal services unless we win.

Arizona Dog Bite Laws in Public Places

Every year, dozens of victims throughout Arizona end up in hospitals due to dog attacks. Pet owners have a responsibility to control their dogs and reasonably prevent attacks in public places such as lakes and parks. Unfortunately, not everyone takes this duty seriously. Illegally allowing dogs to run at large in public parks can lead to preventable tragedies. According to Arizona Revised Statute 11-1025, dog owners will be strictly liable for attacks that occur on private and public properties, regardless of any former knowledge of the dog’s viciousness.

Arizona is a strict dog bite liability state. Rather than giving a victim the responsibility of proving negligence, state law allows victims to recover for their injuries and damages whether or not the pet owner was at fault. Strict liability laws mean no pet gets a one-bite grace period. Even if the pet had never bitten anyone before and the owner had no reason to suspect viciousness, the owner will be financially responsible for damages. As a victim, Arizona’s dog bite statute works in your favor. You may need an attorney, however, to help you obtain fair damages.

When to Call an Attorney

A lawyer can help ensure you receive fair and full compensation for your serious dog bite injuries in Arizona. Even in a strict liability state, it can be difficult as a victim to get insurance companies to offer the compensation you require. Hiring a lawyer changes the dynamic during insurance settlement negotiations. Rather than the insurer being in the power seat, you will be on level fields due to your legal representation. A Phoenix dog bite injury attorney will protect your rights and demand top compensation on your behalf. You can focus on healing physically and emotionally while your lawyer handles your claim.

Pursuing Compensation of Dog Attacks In Public Places

After suffering a dog bite at a dog park, public park, river or lake in Arizona, try to remain calm and document your injuries. Take photographs of your injuries, the dog and the location of the attack. Make a note of any important details, such as the name of the pet owner and whether or not the dog was on a leash at the time of the mauling. Get medical care for your injuries right away. Keep a copy of your medical documents and take more pictures as you receive treatments and begin to heal. Then, bring your case documents to a dog bite injury lawyer.

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As the survivor of a dog attack or the loved one of a fatally wounded victim, you could be eligible for financial damages. A successful claim against the pet owner could pay for losses such as medical bills, surgeries, therapies, lost wages, physical pain, psychological suffering, property damages and more. You may also be able to receive punitive damages, or an additional award to punish the pet owner (or another defendant) for reckless or illegal actions that contributed to your attack.

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